History: Fiction or Science?- Chronology Vol. 5


“Human history becomes more and more, a race between education and catastrophe.” – George Orwell, 1920, Outline of History

The primary corollaries related in the present book are :

a new interpretation of Chinese history.
a new interpretation of Western European history.
a new interpretation of Egyptian history.
a solution to the identity of the Etruscans.  

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Fake ‘Ancient’ Chinese history turns into a propaganda vehicle for China!

Following in the steps of Issac Newton and NASA research of earth-moon mechanics by late astrophysicist Robert Newton the mathematicians of Moscow University Dr Fomenko and Dr Nosovsky had a close look at allegedly ancient and irrefutable China and found no less that:

The history of China up until the XV century A.D. is, in fact, a copy of the alleged histories of Rome and Byzantium.

Historical chronicles were transplanted to China by the Jesuits in the XVI-XVII century A.D. ;

Mathematicians Dr Fomenko and Dr Nosovsky refute that:

a) China is exceptionally ancient;

b) China has invented silk, paper, powder, printing, logarithms, astronomy;

Facts are stubborn things. English proverb

Has history been tampered with?


About the Author: Dr.Fomenko, Anatoly. Born in 1945. Full Member (Academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Full Member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Head of the Moscow State University Department of Mathematics and Mechanics. Solved the classical Plateau s Problem from the theory of minimal spectral surfaces. Author of the theory of invariants and topological classification of integrable Hamiltonian dynamic systems.

Laureate of the 1996 National Premium in Mathematics of the Russian Federation for a cycle of works on the Hamiltonian dynamic system multitude invariance theory. Author of 180 scientific publications, 26 monographs, and textbooks on mathematics, a specialist in geometry and topology, variational calculus, symplectic topology, Hamiltonian geometry and mechanics, computational geometry. Author of a number of books on the development of new empirical-statistical methods and their application to the analysis of historical chronicles as well as the chronology of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Refutation of the article in Wikipedia about the New Chronology