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History: Fiction or Science? Chronology Vol. 5


“Human history becomes more and more, a race between education and catastrophe.” George Orwell, 1920, Outline of History

The primary corollaries related in the present book are :

a new interpretation of Chinese history.
a new interpretation of Western European history.
a new interpretation of Egyptian history.
a solution to the identity of the Etruscans. 

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Fake ‘Ancient’ Chinese history turns into a propaganda vehicle for China!

Following in the steps of Issac Newton and NASA research of earth-moon mechanics by late astrophysicist Robert Newton the mathematicians of Moscow University Dr. Fomenko and Dr. Nosovsky had a close look at allegedly ancient and irrefutable China and found no less than:

The history of China up until the XV century A.D. is, in fact, a copy of alleged histories of Rome and Byzantium.

Historical chronicles were transplanted to China by the Jesuits in the XVI-XVII century A.D. ;

Mathematicians Dr. Fomenko and Dr. Nosovsky refute that:

a) China is exceptionally ancient;

b) China has invented silk, paper, powder, printing, logarithms, and astronomy;

Facts are stubborn things. English proverb

Has history been tampered with?

If Jesus was born today


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