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Terrible Ivans

ATF-10-Terrible-3dIt took most of the XVI century and four Czars Ivans the Terribles, the Horribles, and the Scares to decompose the Empire of Eurasia with the capital of Mosques (Moscow, Moskau or Moscou) and help the step-by-step escape of Europe from ”Evil” Empire Eurasia.

This over-dramatized and figmental Ivan the Terrible character was actually a collation of 4 (four!) Czars during the Great Strife of the Russian Empire in the XVI-XVII centuries were invented by German historians on agenda to order of Romanov’s dynasty which won the throne in the Great Strife contest.

The collision of dynasties of Godunov, and Romanov, conspiracies of Zacharin, Kurbskiy, 3 false Dimitris as pretenders to the throne, Polish army occupying the Kremlin, truly tectonic events of orthodox religion, Great Strife, and the disintegration of the Horde.

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