New Chronology

The research of earth-moon telluric rotation by the late chief astrophysicist of NASA Robert Russel Newton leads mathematicians of MSU to a breakthrough in the chronology of world history. The timeline of the civilization based exclusively on irrefutably dated events and artifacts shrinks to approximately 1000 years, key events find their true place on the time axis.

The erroneous chronology we live with was essentially crafted by Kabbalist Scaliger and Jesuit Petavius in the XVI-XVII cy from the contradictory mix of the copies of ancient Latin, Greek, Hebraic and Aramaic manuscripts (all originals have mysteriously disappeared) cemented by the authority of the Church Fathers.

History: Fiction or Science? Dating methods as offered by mathematical statistics. Eclipses and zodiacs. New Chronology Vol.I 2nd revised, expanded Edition. See Table of Contents.

The most probable prototype of the historical Jesus was Andronikos I Komnenos (allegedly AD 1183 to 1185), the Emperor of Byzantine, reflected in the consensual history for his numerous failed reforms; his traits and deeds reflected in ‘biographies’ of many real and imaginary persons. According to New Chronology, New Testament is the rendition of religious events of the XIIth century AD.

Crusades of 1189-1192 AD and 1199-1204 AD to Jerusalem-Constantinople were military operations under the banner of Christianity by the followers and relatives of Jesus alias Emperor Andronicus killed during a religious mutiny. Crusades have ended with the Sack of Constantinople in 1204. Crusades and Exoduses

History: Fiction or Science? The dynastic parallelism method. Rome. Troy. Greece. The Bible. Chronological shifts. New Chronology Vol.2 See Table of Contents

The historical Jesus Christ is a composite figure and reflection of the Bible prophet Elisha, Osiris, god of the death, life, and resurrection, Pope Gregory VII, Saint Basil of Caesarea, and even Li Yuanhao (“Son of Heaven”), Euclides, Dionysius and Andronikos I Komnenos, the emperor of Byzantine.

The seemingly vast differences in the biographies of these figures result from a difference in languages, points of view, and time-frame of the authors of said accounts and biographies. The historical Jesus Christ – Andronikos I Komnenos – may have been crucified around 1185 AD on Joshua’s Hill, overlooking the straits of Bosphorus following mutiny caused by the conflict of religious ideas.

Astronomical phenomena reflected in the New Testament as the Star of Bethlehem that coincides with the Crab supernova explosion in 1152 A.D., full solar eclipse in 1185 A.D. during the alleged Crucifixion support them as key dates in the life of Jesus Christ. The same dates included in the Zodiacs and horoscope of Egyptian Temples relative to Osiris reinforce further the credibility of the advanced key dates.

History: Fiction or Science? Astronomical methods as applied to chronology. Ptolemy’s Almagest. Tycho Brahe. Copernicus. The Egyptian zodiacs. New Chronology vol.3. See Table of Contents.

The Bible idem the Old Testament was composed in Latin from the Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew sources in XV-XVI cy representing the events of the XIIIth to XVIIth centuries AD in Europe and Byzantine as very ancient ones. The Old Testament contains doctrines, dogmas, axioms, ideas, hints of social order, and “prophecies” about “future” events described in the New Testament.

Excerpts from the Bible were read in Latin to the public by the priests from the pulpits of Catholic Cathedrals. Roman Curia opposed the translation and circulation of the Bible up to the XVII cy (i.e. Tyndale was burned at a stake). The invention of printing by Gutenberg in 1455 AD led to the availability of the New and Old Testaments all over Europe.

The Bible was translated into European languages and mass distributed starting XVI cy.  The availability of the Gospels and Scriptures in native languages led to the conflict of the interpretations of texts therein contained between the Church and the Bible. The Bible became the main instrument of the Protestant Reformation.

History: Fiction or Science? Russia. Britain. Byzantium. Rome. New Chronology vol.4. See Table of Contents.

New Chronology of religions runs as follows: the polytheism followed by monotheism in the pre-Christian period (before the XIth cy and the figurehead of Jesus Christ), Dionysus-Bacchus Christianity (XIth and XIIth cy, before and after the life of Jesus), Christendom (XIIth to XIVth centuries) and its subsequent mutations into Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism (sic!) and, Islam (sic!) in XIVth to XVIth centuries.

Antiquity as prime Agenda of Europe

By the middle of the XVI th century the prime political agenda of Europe that already reached superiority in Sciences and Technologies, but was still inferior militarily, was to free itself from the control of the Empire of Eurasia.

The concerted effort of European aristocracy, black and white Catholic clergy despite the severe fight with Protestants, humanists, and scientists in XV-XVII th centuries – the creation and dissemination of ideas of the fictional Ancient World and Dark Ages served this agenda perfectly.

The fictional Ancient World that was created by black and white Catholic clergy, Protestants, humanists, and scientists served their particular agendas too by representing events of XI-XVI centuries as ones that happened thousands of years before according to the ancient authorities they invented and the sources they wrote under aliases.

The European aristocracy, i.e. partly fugitives from Byzantine and partly inheritors of the former Eurasian warlords, justified thus their claims of self-rule for their lands, the Roman Curia declared its priority over the orthodoxy of the Evil Empire, Protestants, humanists and scientists prepared the Enlightenment under the cover of Antiquity.

The Breakthrough New Chronology books published in the USA open new perspectives to check the veracity of History by application of mathematics, statistics, and astronomy in the same manner as they were applied to genetics.

Indeed, the time has come to check chronology scientifically as it is the true foundation of history. Moreover, world history must not serve Judeo-Christian, Eurocentric or any other agenda, it must become the rocket science reporting irrefutably the past of homo sapience species.

Axioms of the New Chronology:

  • Chronology is the basis of history;
  • Human evolution has always been linear, gradual, and irreversible;
  • The “cyclic” nature of human civilization is a myth; all the gaps, duplicates, Dark Ages, and “renaissances” are fictional;
  • Geographical knowledge and cartography is a gradual and irreversible process; the closer in time to the events a manuscript describing them is the fewer distortions it contains;