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USA sells Alaska?

MOSCOW, RUSSIA –  Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced this morning they are open for talks with the United States government in the matter of Alaska’s buyback by Russia.




The announcement comes amid speculation that the U.S. Government would be forced to default on this X-mas debt payment to China. In order to help the USA with this issue, Russia may consider buying Alaska back from the USA.

According to a source in the MFA, who declined to be named too because she is not yet authorized to speak on the matter, Russia will pay to the USA 7.2 trillion USD for the Alaska that was bought from Russia for 7.2 million USD in 1867 and became the 49th state the USA in 1959.

Although the bailout operation will stave off immediate Chinese takeover of the U.S. Government, Russian officials have privately expressed concerns that, at the current rate of government spending, the USA may once again be in financial trouble within the next 5-6 months.

Another source who also declined to be named, it is unclear whether anti-communist Russia will demand the USA to lift sanctions imposed on it because of the reintegration with Crimea that was given completely illegally to Ukraine in 1954 by Nikita Khruschev, General Secretary of ruling Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

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